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Michael W. Pflug is a composer, songwriter, trumpeter and educator.  Some of his clients include Lazarus Filmworks, Dark Wolf Pictures, Nightfire Films, Minmax Games, ReelNRG, and Indieye Productions.  He has completed many projects for film, TV, video games, trailers, commercials, media, and music for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.  Michael won the award for best score for the film "Dreams of the Last Butterflies" at Vision Festival 14 in New York City. He is also a composer and arranger of wind ensemble and marching band music, having his music premiered by the United States Army's "Pershing's Own".  Michael recently completed the score and sound design for the Star Wars fan film "The New Academy" and is currently working on MinMax Games "Clanfolk", due to release in July 2022. 


Michael holds a degree in Commercial Music from Florida Atlantic University and lives with his beautiful wife, Melanie, and their rambunctious and spoiled one-eyed little puppy man, Mr. Grizzly Bear.