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“Michael is extremely talented and resourceful. He delivered above and beyond what was expected of him, scoring our feature film, and producing the soundtrack and all the aspects of our audio in a timely and truly professional manner.  I am looking forward to working with him in the near future.” Shashi Balooja, Executive Producer - EXPOSED

"Michael's creativity surpasses all others. It's like he reaches into my very soul and pulls out exactly what i want"
De Miller, director - Lazarus Filmworks

"Working with Michael was a pleasure. He is intuitive, professional, and very creative. He did a phenomenal job writing music for our film. I can highly recommend him." Zina Brown, Creator - Dreams of the Last Butterflies

"We hired Michael to produce the music for SPAZ 2. We had no real idea what we wanted, but Michael helped us find a fitting score by creating midi prototypes of every song before they went into full production.  What we ended up with sounds pretty triple A to me!" 10/10.
Richard Cliff, Co-Creator -
Space Pirates and Zombies 2

“Michael is both a talented musician, and a joy to work with.
Always happy to take on board thoughts and ideas whilst bringing plenty of his own, he delivered a score that brought my project to life in the best way possible. I’d work with him again in a heartbeat.”
Dan Peach, Creator - Corrosion: Cold Winter Waiting 

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